E-Notification System


I give consent to the Government of Singapore to obtain from and verify information with any person, organisation or any other source pertaining to my e-notification.

I declare that I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions of making this e-notification to perform a Work Pass Exempt Activity:

    Visit Pass vs. E-notification

  1. This e-notification is not a visit pass and hence does not grant me legal stay in Singapore.
  2. I will ensure that I have a valid Short Term Visit Pass (issued by ICA) in order to stay in Singapore to carry out the work pass exempt activity.
  3. This e-notification cannot be used to extend my Short Term Visit Pass.
  4. This e-notification is deemed void if I do not have a valid Short Term Visit Pass.
  5. Scope of E-notification

  6. This e-notification only allows me to perform the activity stated in my e-notification submission.
  7. I was engaged to perform the work pass exempt activity before arriving in Singapore.
  8. I am required to apply for a relevant work pass if I want to perform an activity outside of the Work Pass Exemption List, or if I want to work in Singapore on a long term basis.
  9. This e-notification does not exempt me from any licensing and / or professional registration requirements required to carry out the above activity.
  10. MOM reserves the right to request my e-notification acknowledgement letter to be furnished at any time.
  11. Warning

  12. Overstaying is an immigration offence under section 15(3) of the Immigration Act. I may be subjected to a composition fine or prosecution in Court if I overstay.
  13. Making any false statement, representation or declaration in this e-notification is an offence under section 22(1)(d) of the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act. I may be subjected to prosecution in Court.
  14. Any false statement, representation or declaration may have an adverse impact on future applications for any work pass or visit pass.