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Avoid using Internet Explorer to access this eService as it causes slowness.

Transactions you can perform using myMOM Portal 

We are moving transactions from EP Online to myMOM Portal in phases:

Transactions When you can perform the transactions using myMOM Portal
  • Apply for an EP, S Pass, Dependant's Pass or Long-Term Visit Pass
  • Issue a pass (for all pass types, except Work Permit)
  • Cancel a pass (for all pass types, except Work Permit)
Other EP and S Pass related transactions (e.g. renew a pass)  To be announced

What is myMOM Portal?Show

myMOM Portal allows business employers or employment agents to centrally access MOM eServices and view transactions with one login. Find out more about myMOM Portal.

How do I access myMOM Portal?Show

Refer to our onboarding guide.

How do I perform transactions using myMOM Portal?Show

Refer to our user guide and FAQs.

What details do I need from the candidate to apply for an EP or S Pass?Show

You can refer to the candidate’s form for the details needed. You can email the form to the candidate to collect the necessary information to submit the application.

What browser should I use?Show

For the best user experience, please use any of these browsers and enable JavaScript:

  • Chrome version 81 or higher (recommended)
  • Firefox version 75 or higher
  • Edge version 81 or higher
  • Safari version 13.1 or higher

You should not use Internet Explorer as it causes slowness.

What payment methods can I use?Show

You can pay with any of the following for transactions done using myMOM Portal:

  • GIRO (only if you have an existing GIRO arrangement for EP Online)
  • MasterCard or VISA

How do I pay for admin fees using GIRO?Show

To pay the work pass administrative fees using GIRO:

  1. Print the GIRO form.
  2. Complete Part 1 of the form.
  3. Post the original completed form to:

    E-Payment & Admin Fee Management
    Ministry of Manpower
    Work Pass Division
    18 Havelock Road
    Singapore 059764

You will receive the outcome by post. It may take 4 weeks or more, depending on your bank.

Before the GIRO arrangement is up, you must pay the fees using other methods. Once the arrangement is up, deductions will start on the 17th of the following month (or the next working day if the 17th is a weekend or public holiday). Please ensure you have enough funds for the deduction.

Can I request for a refund of the admin fee?Show

We do not refund the administrative fees, as they are used to recover the cost of providing services (e.g. processing your applications).

However, if multiple payments were made due to our error, we will refund you for the excess payments.

What are the requirements for uploading documents?Show

Please ensure the following, otherwise you may be asked to re-submit the documents: 

  • Scanned copies of the documents are clear and correct.
  • Scans are done in greyscale or colour mode.
  • Every document is in PDF, JPG or PNG format and does not exceed 2MB.
  • Non-English documents must be uploaded together with an English translation as 1 file. The translation can be done by a translation service provider. 
  • The personal particulars page of the passport shows the candidate’s particulars and facial features clearly.

You can refer to the list of documents you will need to upload for an S Pass or EP application.